Dwight Howard says “it’s a good feeling to be loved” in Houston


Dwight Howard was introduced as a member of the Houston Rockets yesterday and he gushed about how good it feels to be loved:

“It’s a great feeling,” Howard said. “All the stuff I’ve been through and the way people have tried to have me perceived, it’s a good feeling to be loved. It’s a good feeling to be wanted. After all these years, people still genuinely care. It means a lot.

“It’s a new beginning. A new age; that’s our team motto. But it’s really a new beginning for me. Coming here, having my family at the press conference. This didn’t happen when I first got in the NBA. It’s a great feeling. And then, having the fans and everybody show up, all the people who showed up today, it’s really, really big for me. I haven’t eaten all day, but I’m full. And I say I’m full it’s because people here just filled my heart with joy.”

via Ultimate Rockets

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